Listen, Mase - A Short Film

Really feeling the creative flow lately. Movement feels good again, I find myself pulled to learning and experimenting, breathing through my feet and engaging with it. I’m still sucked to the guitar, playing as much as my body allows me, learning, consuming, consuming, consuming. It feels amazing to be so hungry for more. This time in Topanga has been such a beautiful music driven experience. This is a snapshot of this time in my life. Thank you so much for being here.

Live Show footage: Nick Small

China footage: finding out

Topanga footage, music, edit, etc: Mason Cutler

My main goal is to tour the world with a unique live show featuring my music, movement, and interactive projected visuals.

More of my music can be found here.

You can always contact me @mase_cut, or right here on the site.

Mason Cutler