Surftape - "Topanga"

This is the latest track on Surftape, named after my home break. Topanga can be utter bliss with the right mix of swell and people. I’ve spent many nights careening down the winding canyon, trying to beat the sun to the beach for a few of those playful Topanga waves. When the magic is right, the ocean delivers some unexpected chest high sets for a few smiling faces… I just wish there were more of that feeling at the point. Instead, it’s often glares and barking; Topanga is home to a crew of surf rascals that have developed techniques to get their share of open faces. I was sad when I realized living in the heart of the canyon didn’t make me a local at all, instead, it’s about how long you’ve been involved and friendly with the “inner circle.” Surfing does that; turns adults into schoolyard boys again, for better or for worse. When it gets too heated, I retreat to my guitar, dreaming about those lonely sessions when Topanga decides to turn on and I’m the surfer sitting just outside the point.



Surftape is a love letter to surf culture and the California coast. It's an ongoing project, released incrementally. You can listen to Surftape here. 

Mason Cutler