White Waves Video

My first music video. Directed by Nicholas Small. 

Surfing at dawn, exploring around Topanga, playing music. That's been a lot of my life this past year or so, and it's been a beautiful. Sad and lonely at times, too, as I've spent more hours alone than any other period in my life. I find myself asking, "what is it that I want? Will I be any happier than this bliss? Can I have too much of a Heaven I seemed to have dreamed up and found myself in?"

But California seeps itself into my cells... I still stare at the ocean with awe, gliding down open wave faces with a giant smile on mine... I am a child in the water, I feel it's power and its playfulness; it inspires a sense of depth in me I can't seem to shake. Again, I find myself looking down at my bare toes, wetsuit on, saying a prayer before I get to share this connection that has obsessed so many before me. Thank you for it. 

Mason Cutler